London Postcard Social poster

London Postcard Social

Taking action and making friends!

We hosted our first in person event in London, in September 2019, where we gathered to take some action, meet in real life and talk slow fashion. Slow Fashion Challenge co-host Amy Daileda was visiting London from Portland, Oregon, USA with her brand Vivid Element. She participated in Pause, a sustainable fashion pop-up during London Fashion Week. Co-host Louise Kane lives in London, so the co-hosts got to meet in person for the first time. What better time to host our first live event!

The London Postcard Social centered around writing postcards to fast fashion brands asking them “Who made my clothes?” and demanding more transparency in their supply chains. It’s an easy way to take action. If you feel inspired to do the same, pick a fast fashion brand and handwrite, email, or even tag them in social media asking, “Who made my clothes? Were they paid a living wage? Do they have safe and comfortable working environments?”

We look forward to our next in person event and hope that you will join us!

London Postcard Social

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